Publications by and about Jeremy Krauss, the Jeremy Krauss Approach and the Feldenkrais Method.

Article about the JKA in the UK Guild´s summer newspaper (2015)

A student of the “Tegernsee 3” Training wrote this very nice and informative article about the Jeremy Krauss Approach.

Introduction of the Jeremy Krauss Approach

in the newspaper Feldenkrais Forum Germany E. V. (2013)
"Jeremy Krauss Approach is a way of helping Special Needs Children to learn, grow and develop.

"Beweg Dich frei/Move Yourself to Freedom": a Feldenkrais lesson published in Wienerin magazine (2002)

=> German version only

“Becoming a new person by changing your body, and all without a drop of sweat. Avoiding bad postures, moving your head freely, unburdening your soul. A new wonder drug? No, it’s simply learning how to learn, and it’s called the Feldenkrais Method.”

Einfach bewegen/Simply move: a book by Jeremy Krauss, published by Junfermann (1996)

=> German version / Hebrew version / Russian version

The first part of Einfach bewegen gives a comprehensive introduction to the method itself, its origins and its goals. The second part provides extensive practical instruction, presenting Feldenkrais exercises for various areas of the body.