Jeremy Krauss was a personal student of and directly trained by Dr. Feldenkrais. He has been studying and teaching the Feldenkrais Method for over 35 years.

Jeremy has been a Feldenkrais Educational Director for 19 years and has directed 22 professional training programs in the Feldenkrais Method in Europe, USA, Japan and Israel. Jeremy also teaches Advanced Trainings as well as Master Classes.

Jeremy's knowledge of the classical Feldenkrais material is unsurpassed. He was chosen by the International Feldenkrais Federation (IFF) to translate archival material of Dr. Feldenkrais.

Jeremy is an excellent teacher. As a teacher he is known for both his clarity as well as his creative abilities in presenting practical and theoretical aspects and in developing new and unique materials in the method.

His specialty is his extaordinary ability in working with Special Needs Children with developmental challenges and disorders.

He has developed his own unique approach to working with Special Needs Children based on the Feldenkrais Method - the Jeremy Krauss Approach to Special Needs Children and child development.